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February 22, 2021                           Nominations Open – Click here to download the Intent to Run form.

March 19, 2021                               All forms due at the FASSE office by 5:00 pm

March 23, 2021                               Special Elections Update email to FASSE Members

March 29, 2021                               Biographies appear on the FASSE website

April 5, 2021                                     Voting begins online at 9:00 am

April 16, 2021                                  Voting closes at 5:00 pm

April 21, 2021                                  Election results validated and released



  1. Election procedures will conform to applicable FASSE/MSEA/NEA bylaws and regulations.


  1. All regular FASSE members may vote in FASSE elections.
  2. Campaign activities may not interfere with the efficient operation of the FASSE Association Office.


  1. No FASSE staff member or UniServ representative will actively support any candidate or work on behalf of any candidate. This includes distributing, transporting, or preparing materials for distribution through the FCPS Pony.


  1. Dues monies, in any amount, may not be used to support the candidacy of any individual running for office.


  1. A member of the Board of Directors of FASSE who endorses a candidate(s) does so as an individual Association member rather than as a member of FASSE Board of Director and shall not speak for FASSE Board.


  1. FASSE members or candidates for FASSE positions are prohibited from sending emails of campaign materials or campaign related communications using FCPS email accounts, including distribution to FCPS addresses.


  1. Nominations for all offices shall be made on the official FASSE Election Nomination Form link and sent to the Elections Committee through the link provided. The Nomination Form must:
    1. State the candidate’s willingness to abide by the FASSE/MSEA/NEA bylaws and policy.
    2. Nominations shall close on the day and time prescribed in the approved calendar as set by the Representative Assembly.


  1. Candidates may provide biography along with the Nomination Form. These will be posted on the FASSE website and may contain:
    1. Present work assignment
    2. Professional background
    3. Contributions to FASSE/MSEA/NEA within the past 3 years
    4. Reason for running.

Biography may not exceed one hundred (100) words for candidates for FASSE officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary), fifty-five for FASSE Directors and delegates to MSEA and NEA Conventions.  Any additional material beyond the maximum numbers of words will not be included in the official election materials.  Handwritten Bios will not be accepted.  Bios submitted will be copy/pasted onto the FASSE webpage EXACTLY as submitted.  Corrections to grammar or spelling will not be made.

  1. In addition to the Bio, each candidate may submit a digital photograph (depicting only the candidate) with his or her biographical information. The FASSE website will contain the biography and photo, if provided by the candidate.


  1. Candidates’ names are placed on the ballot in alphabetical order. Each ballot will be displayed in alphabetical order to voters.


  1. Any member of the NECC whose name appears on the ballot for office shall temporarily be restricted from committee activities related to the election.


  1. For the purpose of distributing election materials to all FASSE members, candidates who submit a completed nomination form may request from the FASSE office a list of all FASSE Building Representatives. All candidates will have access to the same.


  1. Candidates may provide FASSE with one page (single sided 8 ½ “ x 11”) of campaign material in PDF format, for electronic distribution on the FASSE website, at the discretion of the NECC.


  1. No member may vote more than once (1).


  1. Voting will be completed according to the attached 2021 FASSE Election Calendar.


  1. (A). Any dispute concerning FASSE election guidelines must be submitted in writing to the FASSE NECC by the grievant.  An acknowledgement will be sent within 72 hours of submission. If the grievant is not satisfied with the results of the NECC’s decision, the grievant must file an appeal with the Board of Directors within ten (10) calendar days.

(B). Any dispute concerning election results will be submitted in writing to the NECC by the grievant.  An acknowledgement will be sent within 72 hours of submission.  Appeals must be filed with Board of Directors within ten (10) calendar days after the official results are announced.


  1. The NECC and/or Board of Directors will make every reasonable effort to procure at least one candidate for each position.


  1. Candidates for Officer or Director may have two (2) minutes to address the FASSE membership at the general assembly on March 25, 2021. (Remarks should address the reason for running for office and such remarks will not attack other candidates)


  1. Candidates are precluded form using the FASSE/MSEA/NEA logo on any material related to his/her campaign.


  1. Every reasonable effort will be made to notify candidates via email or telephone as soon as the NECC has verified the election results.


  1. All positions require a plurality of votes cast.


  1. Violation of any rules, willfully or inadvertently, will be reviewed by FASSE Board of Directors and may result in penalties up to and including disqualification in the Election Term.


  1. Additional election forums may be set up through the NECC, at its sole discretion.


  1. The NECC will reveal to the FASSE Membership candidates for a position of FASSE office after the nomination period and after verification of eligibility to run for the position.
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