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Frederick Association of School Support Employees

President’s Message

I need your help! You must participate in a civil activity that will shape our future for many years.

The activity is extremely simple; Vote on November 4th. Our future depends on it. Who are the people that will decide Fredrick County Public Education policy? Who are people that decide where our Frederick County tax dollars are spent? Who are the people that will determine our job security? Who are the people that will decide if there will funding for all of us to earn a living wage? Who are the people that will decide if our jobs will be privatized?

I want to remind you that over the past several years Educational Support Staff positions have been eliminated and some of our co-workers and friends have lost their jobs. Frederick County Public Schools used to have its own printing department that supplied our school system with the best required publications, materials, supplies, paper, etc. The department was eliminated and some of our members lost their jobs.

Fredrick County Public Schools used to have Custodial Specialists that would assist other custodial staff in schools when there was not enough help, those positions were eliminated. Currently there are 7 schools that are working without enough full time help on a daily basis. Are you aware that each FCPS custodian is responsible for cleaning 22,000 square feet on a daily basis?

A few years ago because of budget cuts, 40 media assistant positions were eliminated from our school system. Recently, for the second time in three years, FCPS has announced reorganization of certain departments. Technology jobs that FASSE members perform were eliminated. On July 1, 2014, ten coworkers in the technology department lost their technology jobs. There will be future reorganizations of other departments as funding to FCPS continues to be cut by current county politicians.

Educational support jobs are the most vulnerable to cuts and always a subject of possible privatization. Do you know that Commissioner Billy Shreve, also a county board candidate, advocated for privatizing of our positions? FCPS was advised by Mr. Shreve, as county government’s liaison to the school board, to have private contractors perform certain duties that our custodians perform   He pushed for a pilot program to have private contractors’ cut grass and maintain school grounds because he was convinced that private contractors could perform our jobs better.

An independent audit was done for FCPS which clearly stated that FCPS employees, FASSE members, work performance is both effective and cost efficient. Please be aware that BOCC President, Blaine Young has eliminated many County positions and is a firm believer in privatizing County Government work.

Who are the people that will make these important decisions about our jobs and OUR families’ future? If you were thinking the “Politicians” you are only partially right. We are the people who will decide all of these issues through our actions at the ballot box.   We will determine our own job security. FASSE, FCTA and FCASA have printed the names of the Candidates who we believe will act in all of our interest. Look for the apple ballot. Look for FASSE mailing. Visit the FASSE and FCTA websites and see who the best candidates for us are! Public Employees Elect their Own Leaders; please don’t sit this election out! Vote!!


~Norma Davis