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Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education

Walkersville HS Principal Tracey Franklin says that custodian Phil Bittner has Walkersville Pride through and through:

I can recall only a few days over the past two years when he has not worn something blue and gold to work! Phil holds himself personally accountable for the outside appearance of the school. The WHS landscape is only complete after Phil’s work is finished outside on the mower, clearing the sidewalks, prepping the athletic fields, etc. Our grounds are well maintained and ready for use. Because of the work and commitment of Walkersville HS’s Custodial Team, WHS is open for business…and at the HEART of that crew is Phil Bittner!

“Phil is beloved by students. Every day he mingles with the kids at lunch, speaks to all the teaching and administrative staff on lunch duty, and makes the lunch staff feel welcome. His personality simply makes us smile. Phil is truly one of the unsung heroes behind the scenes helping make our school welcoming and inviting to all!”

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